Buffy/Angel fic

{Pretty When You Cry}

"i didn't want to hurt you/but you're pretty when you cry" [buffy/faith, r, some future path]


She calls him Giles, and sometimes he forgets he ever had another name. [faith/giles, pg-13, some future path]

{Degenerate Sons}

Lucius really couldn't care less how much of a disgrace Ethan is to wizardry. [harry potter crossover, ethan rayne/lucius malfoy, nc-17}

{Black Flowers}

Blood and ink-black calling out to her. [buffy/faith, pg-13, some future path]

{Crush Her Flame}

and always when she's finished, her face grows cold and hard. [buffy/faith, r, some future path]

{Your Art}

The beast doesn't feel. Nothing except the animal fire of the kill. [buffy/faith, r, alt season 6]

{Dark Winds}

I like it better this way, I like the blood on my hands. [buffy/faith, r, some future path]

{Into the Light}

the fire is so all-encompassing who knew when it was love and when it was hate? [buffy/faith, pg-13, post-sanctuary]

{Rain Falling}

I can't forget the feeling of me pushing my knife into her so long ago. So easy to do. [buffy/faith, pg-13, some future path]


Buffy/Faith episode reviews

there's trees in the desert since you moved out...