Bad Girls


"It's kind of a slayer thing." Well, wow, what an episode. Where to start? The whole thing was just dripping with homoeroticism. Those two want each other.

The discussion at the beginning - seemingly about Xander but it's obvious there's something elsebeing discussed here. "So, what are friends for?...all this sweating nightly, side by side action, and you never put in for some after-hours *uh*?" IT's not Xander that Buffy's sweating side by side with. It's Faith. Obviously Faith is trying to get Buffy - "Besides, I think it ruins friendships to do that stuff." Faith: "You think too much." She's signalling what we've seen from the beginning - if slaying makes you hungry and horny, who better to satisfy your lust with than another Slayer? Buffy looks away when she's talking about it ruining friendships because she knows she's on dangerous ground here. Then she catches Faith's arm unnecessarily when she sees the footprints. The look Faith gives her after she's staked the vamp is completely flirting.

Buffy wants to be like Faith - "Now why didn't I just say that?", so that she will appeal to the other Slayer more. Outside, trying to convince Faith to come back, she's embarrassed that she's taking Wesley's side because she's worried Faith will think less of her for it. They're flirting with each other again at the end of that scene. And what's with the sudden "girlfriend" thing? She's never called B (or anyone else) that before. It's yet another one of her less-than-subtle come-ons.

Buffy goes down the manhole after Faith even though she knows better. She needs to have her methods respected by Faith. And Faith knows she'll get her with "I might die!" She's not gonna let that happen to her girl. It's another one of those suggestive smiles after Buffy throws that stake. When Faith sees B is being drowned, her cry is frantic. She becomes totallly desperate in trying to escape the vampire so she can save Buffy.

Buffy obviously can't think of anyone but Faith. Her "ode to Faith" is the only thing in her mind, and so she needs to tell her friends. How does Faith know where Buffy is? Either Buffy gave her her timetable, which seems a strange thing to do, or she walked round the entire school to find her. True devotion indeed. It's the girlfriend thing again. Maybe B's already a different type of girlfriend to her. Look at the way she breathes on the window. And the heart definitely has a double meaning. They've pierced each other's hearts, Cupid's arrow or whatever. So, Buffy cuts class just to see what Faith wants. Not just any class, but Mrs Taggart's Chemistry Test, which judging from her earlier comments is very important. Especially since Snyder hates her. (Incidentally though, why did the teacher not notice Faith at the window? If she'd left the room, why? If this is some American custom, forgive me for not knowing.)

Oh my God. The dancing. How wonderfully... orgasmic, to quote Slayer Pride. What can I say? Highly sexual, and they're focused entirely on each other. It's only when B goes off to see Angel - he has to butt in and spoil it, party pooper -that Faith actually takes any notice of the boys around her. When she leaves the dance floor, Buffy moves her arms round Faith's body even though she really doesn't need to. B doesn't seem to interested in the boys either, from what she says to Angel. She likes the girl, and she spends a pretty long time looking at her when she's in Angel's arms. (Why does Angel never have any fun?) Faith goes with her no questions asked. And they leave holding hands.

Faith puts her arm round Buffy outside the warehouse. "Want. Take. Have." They're both getting it. Faith's been making it pretty obvious what she wants, and now Buffy's realising she can have it too. If Faith likes them butch, why does she like Buffy? It looks like they're closer together in the car than they need to be. Once again B follows Faith's advice. And I *like* the scene afterwards. Come to think of it, what did they do with those handcuffs? I didn't see them fall on the ground. Wouldn't we like to know... Buffy's guilty the next morning about what she did with Faith. Maybe it was more than shoplifting. The conversation between Buffy and Joyce is a *lot* like a mother-daughter sex conversation.

Buffy doesn't want Willow coming with her because she wants Faith to herself, and she doesn't want Willow cramping her style. There's some of that best friend/girlfriend awkwardness, again to quote Slayer Pride. Faith seems pretty familiar with Buffy's house, and Buffy's completely expecting her. They go out slaying and Faith oh-so-casually invites Buffy to dinner: "Hey, you wanna go and get some ribs after this?" It's all very casual because she's afraid of rejection. And yeah, I got that idea from Slayer Pride as well. Go there, it's a great site. Never say I don't give credit where it's due.

The killing. Afterwards Buffy goes to see Faith to talk things over, because she wants to help. Of course, Faith shuts her out. She's still not ready to trust anyone. Notice Buffy's knock-on-door routine's changed. It's not "Faith, it's Buffy" any more; it's "Faith, it's me." And her small "hey" is just like the ones she used to say to Angel, when they'd had a fight or they'd almost been killed or something.

All in all the best subtext episode ever. It's so sad that such a great relationship had to be spoiled, had to end with Faith's very big mistake.

Subtext: *****
Overall: ****

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