When the Mayor is talking to Faith, he says "If Buffy Summers walked in here and said she wanted to switch to our side, I'd say (snaps his fingers) no thanks, sister,I've got all the Slayer one man could ever need." Faith then gets an upset look on her face. He asks her what's wrong and she says "Nothing." He says, "Oh, it's cause I used the B word." She hates to be reminded of her broken relationship with Buffy. Although she's generally happy with the Mayor, Buffy is the one thing that still plagues her and makes her regret her choice. She makes a half-hearted attempt to pretend she's sore about Angel. "She can have him", meaning, "He can have her." It's patently obvious, throughout all these episodes, that she *isn't* bothered about Angel, but just wants to hurt Buffy. Incidentally, Faith's top is good. There are two very sexy Faith tops in this ep.

So then Faith kidnaps Willow. I love these scenes. (How cool is Willow's pencil staking.) Again, Faith's really pleased she's got Willow, it's yet another hurt-Buffy thing. BTW, I would really like to read some Faith/Willow slash set in this episode...anyone want to write any, send it to me, please. So Willow tells Faith what she thinks of her. Much as I love Faith, I though it was a good thing to say - true of course. "You had friends like Buffy," she tells her, and "I know some people think you've had a lot of bad breaks," the "some" referring to Buffy. Then Faith punches her. "You hurt me, I hurt you. I'm just a little more *efficient*." ("And here was I thinking you just didn't have a comeback." Willow's got the girl figured out.) Again, she can't stand to be reminded of the other Slayer.

In the cafeteria: "So this is the little girl that's been causing me all this trouble." Because Faith's preoccupied with her and it's causing her to work less efficiently and be a less well-balanced child. "I still don't understand why it couldn't work out between you and my Faith." This is an ambiguous comment. Personally I think he was addressing it to Buffy. There wasn't really anything *to* work out between Faith and Angel - she tried to seduce him to turn him evil, it didn't work. And after that, he's gonna "work it out"? I don't think. There was a lot more for Buffy and Faith to work out. They *had* a relationship. He switches to talking to Angel because he realises they don't know, and he doesn't wanna make it harder for Faith.

Faith saves Wesley even though she could have let the Gavrok spider-crab thing kill him. She does it for B. And after they leave, Buffy goes straight over and pulls Faith's knife out of the spider. Then she strokes the handle and looks at it a long time, thinking of the girl who held it last.


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