"Just tell me how to make it better." This was a beautiful episode. One of the best pieces of television I've seen on any programme. Eliza Dushku was incredible as Faith trying to face up to herself and her past and come out of the darkness. Beyond Oscar performance. Well, Emmy anyway - not that they'll ever get one of them, moan-whinge-rant.

B's obviously the most important thing in Faith's life. She's the one person who matters in the midst of all the hate and pain. When Buffy sees Faith and Angel together, she's devastated - her two great loves seemingly with each other. Faith so wants to be forgiven. Why doesn't Buffy want Faith to run? Is it because she wants her to be punished or because she wants her to change? When the operations team come onto the roof, Buffy instinctively reaches for Faith, her inner feelings taking over in the emergency. Despite all her apparent hate and hurt, she runs and hides with Faith, not letting her be killed but protecting her. There's a thin line between love and hate, and Buffy stands on it. When they're crouching behind the thing on the roof (skylight?), they're definitely touching hands.

At the police station, you can see Buffy irritably pushing away the policeman because she wants this moment to be only between her and Faith. And Faith looks at Buffy as if to show her that she was wrong about her, that she does want to change and she is willing to.

Like I said, an amazing, beautiful, magnificent episode. I know some people preferred Five by Five, but I thought this was the most perfect piece of TV in every way that has ever been made. (Although I liked Five by Five a lot.)


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