Roswell fic


I am a space filled with cold nothing and a smiling girl with golden skin and deep brown eyes. [liz/isabel, r, interruptus]


Of course, emotions aren't always pure; her fear is woven in with love just as her love is tinged with fear. [lonnie/ava, r, meet the dupes]

{Under A Blood Red Sky}

She's entrancing there, hard like she's stone, surrounded by faint light and shadows and sucking me into hell. [tess/isabel, r, post-apocalyptic]


Still, although they left it, it produces ties that were sewn into the veins. [liz/isabel, pg-13, who knows when]


And I would float up in atoms of gas, over the endless black void. [tess/isabel, pg-13, post-departure]



meet the dupe