Star Trek fic


{Broken Things}

Mainly a void. So much room to move around. [j/7, pg-13]

[first place, best janeway/seven story, 2002 ASCEM Golden O awards; third place, best one-part voyager slash story, 2002 ASCEM Golden Os]


Are you wasting away in your skin? [j/7, j/mark, r, sometime post-endgame]

[first place, best janeway/female story, 2003 ASCEM Golden Os]


My world shattered and torn before my eyes [j/7, nc-17, post-hope and fear au]

{There's No Forgetting}

I try not to think about her, and her life. Beneath everything I know we are one and the same, but I try not to remember. [janeway/ezri dax, nc-17, after]